Video Course Description

The Warriors of the Word video course is the perfect guide for small groups who want to memorize and study God’s Word together. It includes eight video teachings led by Aaron and Emily House and is ideal for groups with 60-90 minute meeting times. Each session includes a combination of video teaching as well as small group discussion questions or other in-class assignments and exercises to complete during the remaining class time.

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The Warriors of the Word class was an amazing boost in my walk with Jesus! Prior, Bible memorization lived only on my "best intentions" list. I saw the class as a prime opportunity to live those intentions out. It was that and more! I learned a myriad of tools to creativity memorize -and I even memorized all of Matthew 6, sharing it at our final recital. The Word was ever on my mind, truth in these verses colliding with daily life, refining me. Memorization is now a life-giving norm for me! I have the tools I need for success both personally and with my whole family.”

-Glori Brubaker, Piercing Word Supporter 

Meet the Authors:

Aaron & Emily House

Aaron & Emily have inspired and equipped hundreds of Christ-followers to memorize God's Word through their involvement with Piercing Word ministry. The Warriors of the Word curriculum was birthed out of their own personal experience and study, including the wisdom they gained as Aaron fought through the challenges of memorizing twenty-six books of the Bible.